It would be fair to say I have been a yo-yo dieter for years.
For a period of 3 months Carolina has coach and advised me on how to eat, understand nutrition better and have I followed her lead with additonal nutrition.
The result has been amazing, not only losing the extra pounds...especially the learning.
Now several months after completion I am able to maintain my weight balance.
— Michael, The Netherlands

Have had a wonderful experience with you as my coach. It has helped me to change my lifestyle by incorporating healthy nutrition.
I have changed my eating habits and combined with exercise I feel; - fitter, -happier, -in balance with my life and body, - my intestines problems have dissapeared, - the bad colds are staying away, - lost 8 kilos however the centimeters count more!.
Overall my habits are healthier now.
It has been a journey, during the past 2 years that Carolina has coach me my life have changed to a much fitter and happier life. Thank you!
— Quirine, The Netherlands

A year ago, I had a big challenge with my health, and I had to undergo delicate and difficult surgery.
During this ordeal and recuperation, I was blessed with love and support from family and friends and outstanding and professional coaching from Carolina Levie, who with her experience and knowledge guided me with nutrition and support to strengthen my immune system.

Through Carolina’s guidance, I incorporated in my diet the most powerful plant-sourced products: Manapol, Ambrotose and, Nutriverus to nourish and repair my body system providing me with a strong defense mechanism throughout my recovery.
These products from Mannatech provide important compounds called glyconutrients, - the building blocks for healthy cells and cell to cell communication which in turn make me feel healthy and with energy. Skin products like Emprizone hydrated and healed my skin day by day.

I feel very blessed and grateful to have Carolina Levie as my coach.
— Lucia, Toronto Canada