Sugar Nutrients

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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Hyppocrates


Nutrients are ingredients found in nature that our body recognizes for proper function.

Sugar nutrients are very important for the function and structure of the cells that are the building blocks of health and wellness.  These sugars, natural and plant sourced give your body what it needs to maintain good health. They are the operating system of the cells.

What are these essential sugars?

Glucose, Fucose, Mannose, Galactose, Xylose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, and N-acetylneuraminic are eight of the 200 sugars that naturally occur in nature. These sugars or carbohydrates are the missing link in human nutrition.

These eight essential sugars are the alphabet that our cells use to communicate with one another.  They are literally the alphabet of life.  They are the operating system of the human body.

Every cell in our body is supposed to have these vital sugars attached to it, so that it can send messages and receive messages from other cells and from the immune system.

They are essential for our immune system to function the way it is designed to function.  That is both to fight things that need to be fought like bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus and also to avoid attacking cells that shouldn’t be attacked, like what we see with autoimmune conditions.  

Your health starts at a cellular level, when your cells communicate your bodies works at an optimal health. These essential sugars give our cells what they need so they can function with their innate intelligence.

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Glycans derived from the greek word "glyco" meaning sweet - sugar. These glycans are not the sugar that we know and like very much. These sugars are good sugars - they are structural sugars needed for proper cell communication and function. The human body have about 60 trillion cells with specific functions. Every single cell in the body is covered with a dense forest of these sugars that protect, repair, restore and regenerate. These sugars are the missing link in nutrition and are the building blocks of life.

Sugar nutrients are another type of nutrients that support your immune system. They are so significant that the only difference in the types of blood O, A, B, AB, is the sugar structure of each one individually.

In addition, five of these sugars are found in breast milk. Reason why breastfeeding is so important for babies brain development.

The liver can produce these sugars, however, as an emergency mechanism.


Watch here the importance of glyco-nutrition for cellular communication and optimal health

In October 2012, The National Academy of Science (NAS) Publication, wrote: Transforming Glycoscience: - A Roadmap for the Future - 

"Glycoscience, a field that explores the function and structure of sugars."

“Every living cell on the planet is covered with a dense and complex array of glycans.”

“Every disease that affects humans significantly involves glycans.”

We understand today the importance of glycoscience for the health of our cells - building blocks of blood, tissue, organs and systems of our body.

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