Health and Well-Being


Mission is to inspire people to maintain and improve their health and well-being through pure nutrition and wellness.

Vision Empower people to make healthy eating choices by strengthening awareness and understanding of how your body functions to assure a healthy and vital life.

 Carolina a Bogota, Colombia native, an entrepreneur and mother of four children, has traveled and lived in a great variety of countries where she has been able to experience and explore the different local cultures and traditions. She especially got inspired by the diversity in food habits and nutrition.

Her interest in pure food and healthy eating habits have been the core and foundation of her family life and work today.

Through the years she understood the impact of why globally people’s health has been declining, affected and compromised. Her passion, motivation and mission and her real “why” is to impact and transform people’s life. 

Her focus in education of nutrition and wellness has given her the tools and experience to offer options and new possibilities to those that seek better and healthier lifestyles.

Food is the catalyst to a healthy body; however, the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being are the foundation to move life forward in positive direction, satisfaction and joy.

She believes that healing lies in listening to your body and understanding the escence of healthy nutrition and balance lifestyle. This is essential in maintaining or reclaiming back your health.

Finding out the root of the problem remains  her priority. Everyone is a unique individual and what is right for one might be not approapiate for the other. 


As an integrated nutrition health coach, Carolina will guide and support her client with their individual commitment and desire to transform their lifestyle. She will empower the client to seek solutions, create new habits and adjust behaviors for life long better results.

Specializing in weight management and plant-sourced nutrition. Carolina, helps people to rediscover the joy of healthy eating and develop long-term, sustainable lifestyle habits. In addition, she has studied and has extensive experience with glyconutrition essential for cellular communication. Being today “the missing link” in nutrition. Carolina’s holistic approach and bio-individuality enables the client to see all their different components that make us unique and that are essential for total well-being.

Carolina “walks her talk”, she beliefs leading by example motivates others.

Health is a journey not a destination – it is a process that has to be as enjoyable as the result. It is in constant move and evolution as we walk our path of life……..


For the last 13 years I have been privileged to be part of extensive seminars and lectures given by various scientists and doctors in the field of health and nutrition.

September 2012, certified as (GNWC) GlycoNutritional Wellness Consultant.

November 2013, certified as Clinical Glycobiology: The New Frontier in Integrative Medicine

June 2016 certified as “Flush your fat 4good” Coach

March 2017 graduated from the (IIN) Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City

April 2018 Hormone Health Course from (IIN) Institute Integrated Nutrition in New York City

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"My passion and my joy is help people transform their life's"