Initial Assessment

60 MINUTES €85

Will conduct a Health history to have a starting point to healing.

Your personalized plan will include coaching, plant sourced supplementation, food recommendations and educational handouts.


Follow Up

30 MINUTES €55 • 60 MINUTES 75

 Your progress and how you feel with the nutrition.

 Experiment in removing or adding foods that contribute to the way you feel.

 Explore possibilities for healthy eating habits or changing behavior.

  Addressing health concerns.

  Provide recipes and or suggestions for diverse cooking.  


Three Month Coaching

50 MINUTES 6 sessions  €330  

50 MINUTES 12 sessions 540

Sign up for your personalized and one-to-one launch path to health.

The complete nutrition/health plan includes one initial intake.

Support and guide to adjust eating habits and behavior.

In every session will review your progress, listen to your challenges and offer actionable suggestions for improvement or maintaining your healthy habits. 


Family Nutrition Coaching

60 MINUTES €120 • 90 MINUTES €175

Will evaluate and prepare a plan according to the needs of the family.

Organizing your pantry and identifying the type of food that is consumed. 


Children Coaching

60 MINUTES 2 sessions $140  

90 MINUTES 2 sessions $180

The primary focus is to work together to set up goals that are reachable.

Listening and asking the right questions to understand current habits and motivation for healthy choices.

Allowing them to decide their goals will encourage small gradual changes for long-term results.


Pantry Make Over & Supermarket Tour

60 MINUTES €120 • 90 MINUTES175

First step to start a new way of eating is to identify those foods that keep you from making healthy choices. Slowly will increment and discover new types of ingredients that are good for you and your family. Eating healthy is an experience that can be shared with all the family. 

Walking through the supermarket might be overwhelming; together will create a list of foods that meet your needs and of your household. Learn how to make good choices, read ingredient labels, choose easy to prepare meals and above all have fun while getting healthy.








For interest or information:

Emphasis is on building long-term lifestyle changes that are sustainable for a day to day routine.